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Agile at Riot Games with Ahmed Sidky

What an opener: I want to work, find, discover a process that matches how people actually work. Good luck.

Talking about the problem with requirements. The mentality that you only get this one chance to outline all the stuff you want so you better put everything in there. Then you set the limits and penalties to not delivering. A big spiral of bad stuff starts to happen. People don’t know what they want until they experience.

How are you going to win with customers if you’re not pivoting, experimenting, learning? This is why it’s critical for Riot Games to be Agile. Agility is a necessity to be customer centric. Knowing the customer to such a degree that you can create a bold new world for them.

The role Agile within HR. Not simply propping up a Kanban board and calling it quits – but having them embrace a growth mindset and bring people in who have that same mindset help drive the culture. It’s not about the tools or the processes. Bringing people in and keeping them growing that mindset.

Think about behaviors. What are the behaviors you are seeing today and what are the behaviors you want to see in the future. Do I observe these behaviors or not.

A healthy tension between top down and bottom up. Still having strategic vision for a 3500 person organization but having the autonomy and leadership culture to try crazy stuff.

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