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Agile HR with Beth Davis

APRIL 19, 2020

Beth Davis is the host of In the llewp! and an AgileHR practitioner with extensive experience working with Agile teams and bringing that mindset to HR/Leadership teams.

Using Scrum in to run your HR teams and helping Agile Teams from an HR perspective. Think about why would you involve HR in your organizational change? HR is often the funnel for getting people into the organization, that is the first step in helping cultivate the culture you're looking for.

The Servant Leader came up again in this discussion. The mindset of someone who is there to coach, teach and equip others to help to raise the bar. It extends far beyond the Scrum Master. If you're not familiar with Theory X vs. Theory Y here is a good reference. Where do you fall? How about your organization? It has some pretty dramatic effects on your approach to people.

Language Change Leadership and ADKAR change models. How we lead change and how we invite others to be part of the change. Beth mentioned Ken Blanchard for leading change.

We did it, we talked about firing! It's a thing, and it's unfortunate that we avoid having hard conversations because we're too afraid to do so. Firing isn't evil. Making someone suffer every day in a work environment isn't humane.

Check out Beth’s podcast here.

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