Agile Leadership with Pawel Mysliwiec

DECEMBER 01, 2019

Leadership in Agile organizations

Leadership anti-patterns: Learned helplessness and Over reactive Frenzy

The Monkey Experiment and institutionalized behavior. A better description of the experiment can be found here.

Optimizing your organization for value delivery to customers.

Perspective of metrics from the Business and IT. How do we marry these perspectives? Think about the Players Scoreboard and the Coaches Scoreboard. What is important to different people and what they need to focus on. Think about how having a level field helps drive the right discussions throughout the organizations. Can these types of metrics even start to build trust with one another.

What goes into a leader? What makes it different from a typical Manager? What if there is a middle ground between Manager and Leader and part of the complexity is understanding where your team is at and knowing how to adjust appropriately.

Need a tool to help everyone understand how a decision is being made? Try Delegation Poker. It's part of the Management 3.0 framework for leaders.

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