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Agile Transformation with Michele Madore

Jumping in and talking a bit about Michele’s background, especially about the change and how that lead to Agile and development of people and organizations.

Is leadership ready for the change? The questions they are asking and where they are giving focus. Recognizing that the culture is ready, Being Agile vs. Doing Agile.

Parts of a culture that reject the change. Culture that is comfortable with the way things are.

No safety for risk or appetite for change.

Integral framework is similar to a systems thinking tool. It helps you see more clearly what is going on to help you make better decisions.

Practice = Intention + Behavior

What’s the rub with Agile Transformations? Most places don’t want to transform. You all over there in IT need to get this right. What is it that we’re trying to get from Agile?

Think about this framework as a wholistic system approach. There is a whole system at play. Focus on the 4 quadrants.

  • Leadership & Mindsets

  • Culture and relationships

  • Behaviors and Practices

  • Systems and Structures

Same reasons that change fails over and over:

  • Don’t know how to go about the change

  • Culture

  • Leadership

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