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Aligning the Org with Maneesh Subherwal

JULY 12, 2020

Spent time working at ThoughtWorks as UK MD, also with McKinsey & Co. as a leader within the Agile Practice, and now at the Commercial Bank at JPMorgan Chase Bank, moving towards a customer-centric product and journey orientation.

Going where the data tells us to go vs. letting leaders deviate into less impactful areas. Meeting with the customers and the clients to understand the end to end journey. Viewing that holistic journey and try to reinvent that experience. Instead of micro inventions change the whole dynamic.

Where to start? Define your products. Start with your customer! Start with an external focus. Let us understand the solutions that our clients are looking for and orient around that. Build a hypothesis and formulate experiments that you can run with clients to validate you are making progress.

Strategy + Design + Agile + Technology

Think beyond projects in their small minutia. Think more broadly into a product mindset. A journey mindset is taking the product mindset as a point in time on a user’s journey. Think about taking a thin slice of a journey that results in value to a customer.

PPP in action: Clear Vision, Clear Mission, Clear Purpose with a strong social impact, and no need for tradeoffs with other initiatives in the organization. All hands-on deck with cross-functional teams. Bringing the work to the teams and letting them figure out the solutions. Within just a few days work had already started, and customers were able to submit requests.

Objectives and Key Results. Many organizations think about it just a process. There is a lot more there. Making it ok to be ambitious. Making sure the teams feel safe to experiment and drive the objectives. Making sure things are measurable. It is all a bigger lift then it initially seems.

Do a few things and do them well. Be very clear about what the mission is and how to quantify it so you can cascade it and align the rest of the organization. Teams should understand the why behind the mission. The second is what – allowing the teams the opportunity to figure out the how.

Information flow & rapid decision making.

Building the OKR for a 3-5 year vision and keep building it back. What do I need to do 1 year out to hit the objective? What do I need to do 6 months out to hit the objective, etc?

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