An Agile Mindset with Steve Denning

SEPTEMBER 02, 2019

"Mindsets can be even more difficult to change then physical things"

Is this the end of Agile or is the future bright? What are the other options are on the table to consider? Or is it just easier to sit back and reminisce about the old days of developing software for 3 years without a release to find out it was all a waste of time?

The need for metrics to make sure you are building the right thing and having the outcomes you want. How we should be setting up the metrics we want before we even start building. After all, every experiment needs a hypothesis.

"Agile is the perfect set of tools for a bad manager"

Understanding how to leverage failure for long term success. Examples like Amazon's Fire phone and the Kindle opening the door for other hardware successes like Alexa. Intelligent decision making via intelligent use of data with a very specific set of metrics for each enhancement. What would be the real time measures that would tell us we're doing the right thing?

We talk a little bit about and their Evidence Based Management.

Think Like Amazon - John Rossman

"The problem isn't budgeting at all, the problem is all the other things surrounding it." If you don't have a process for developing strategy or planning then changing the budgeting process isn't going to save you. See Beyond Budgeting for more information.

Talk about certifications and where they fall into building the Agile mindset. Places like ICAgile, Agile Alliance and all offer these types of certifications but are they really what we are after?

The three laws that Steve discusses in his book The Age of Agile as the three most important things

  • Customer Delight

  • Small Teams

  • Network

Steve Denning is a keynote speaker, Author, and frequent contributor to Forbes.