Back to Basics with Chad Beier

A cold open – this is a first for us here. We kick things off with Chad’s newest parody Scrum video: Scrum Scale Away and share our reactions to it. We geek out for a bit about the actual creation and editing process behind the video. All the work that is put in that you never see.

We start to dive into the basics or foundations of scaling. How is your Scrum? Do you have A effective Scrum team? If you aren’t great with 1 team why would you try to scale to more than 1 team? How about your understanding of Done? Is it centered around a customer or internal business processes?

Refinement. Why does it seem like we struggle with this practice so much? When done properly it solves so many problems for us. Often we aren’t aware of the consequences that we are taking on by not doing this activity.

Back to the organizational change and culture conversation. How can we make everyone around us a change agent? Try to be an owner. When you’re an owner your act differently.

What keeps you up at night?

What is the worst thing that can happen if this doesn’t go out the door?

If something is difficult to do that’s probably a good indicator that you aren’t doing enough of something.