Beyond the Uniform with Steve and Justin

MARCH 07, 2021

Steve Bane and Justin Nassiri work together jointly putting out Beyond the Uniform. A Podcast dedicated to helping make the transition for exiting military personnel. We wanted to do this episode to highlight some of the misconceptions about leadership in the military, how it leverages empowered teams and individuals to make quick and responsive changes in dynamic situations. A whole lot like what is expected of teams in today’s business environments.

Vast amount of ambiguity and find the way to accomplish the mission.

Talk through some characteristics that stuck with us from our time in the military. Caring for your people. Having that command presence – giving people the sense of certainty and purpose. A desire to grow and excel. Trust – being able to build it in individuals and teams. Building a culture where no one cares about who gets the credit it is simply about achieving the goals.

Nobody owes you anything. Be humble.

Drive it like you own it. When you are in charge take charge. Lean on indirect influence.

Refresh your cache. Understand who you are in that moment and where you may need to learn something new.