Changing The Rules with Joe Justice

We kick things off talking a little bit about Joe’s book on Scrum Master. Some really interesting learning from translating to over 22 languages. You can take a listen for yourself on Joe’s YouTube channel where he narrates most of the book.

Justice’s Law and establishing product definition. If you are interested in cutting down time to market and restructuring your org – then you may be interested in Justice’s Law.

Automating Management. Interesting discussion about having AI make the decisions for us with an explanation of Gradient Decent Algorithms. Going from guesses about the best way to do something to empirically using data to do it.

Joe talks a bit about his experience working within the Toyota skunkworks. Removing the rules helps teams move faster. You can take a look at Tesla’s Anti-Handbook Handbook here. The other approach is to aggressively remove the policies. Couple this with a Definition of Ready and Definition of Done you have a recipe for agility.

Be the change you want to be in the world.

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