Continuously Improving with Steve Porter

JANUARY 26, 2020

Steve Porter is empowering and enabling the trainer community to go out and be awesome at spreading the mission of We chat a bit about the Accountabilities and Responsibilities in Scrum.

Your Sprint is your container of risk! Even if you make a mistake the worst that happens is one Sprint was the wrong thing to do. Think of your Definition of "Done" as your floor, not your ceiling. You can add to it but not take away.

Scrum requires you to add things to it in order to make it a process that works for your context. Hopefully it is a continuously improving process! Sometimes you change to something new and sometimes you change back to something you tried previously but stopped.

Be clear about your process. If you're not doing Scrum, cool, just name it something different for clarity and ownership. It's about getting great stuff done to customers in short batches that we can learn from.

Lots of thoughts on Scrum and Kanban. Ignoring the constraints in either system isn't going to give you the results your expecting. Be mindful of the changes and think about Scrum and Kanban as forcing functions.