Day 1 Scrum with Erik Weber

What are the things to focus on day 1.

Hey Product Owner – we need you out front working with the customer to determine what will actually be valuable to deliver.

Hey Developers – you’re going to come up a little bit more into backlog territory. You’ll do a little more work to make sure Product backlog Items are flushed out.

Imagine how you are going to demonstrate this feature at the Sprint Review. This will help you have the goal in mind.

Don’t bother with showing Not Done work. That’s all that the stakeholders thinking about instead of providing feedback on the Done work and how that influences future work.

Connect the work to your Goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help in the Sprint Review. That’s what your stakeholders are also there for.

Looks like people still struggle with the Definition of Done. What about when you don’t have access to production and can’t deploy to it? How about Done means running on someone’s laptop? The stronger your Definition of Done the less execution and efficiency type pressure you encounter.

Tracking the dependencies that are on your team is a day 1 conversation.

· Work with your Product Owner from day 1 so they don’t get stuck in the backlog manager trap.

· Definition of Done and value delivery. Get something to done!