Day Drinking with The Agile Pubcast

MAY 03, 2020

Need a good ice breaker, how about sharing a nickname? How about a nice picture or listing a few likes and dislikes. Maybe something positive, how about something that turned out really well for you this year.

Talk through the learning of teaching a Virtual course vs. in person. Both approaches have pros and cons and it wasn't just a instant switch to teaching virtually. The LVC training through is tailored to be taught virtually. If we weren't still getting the positive feedback from students we wouldn't be doing it. Just a few examples of even with Scrum training we've been impacted by COVID-19.

How are those working agreements? When's the last time you revisited them? Is it you holding the team accountable or the team holding themselves accountable?

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Think about the value you actually get or are delivering to your customers to help drive decisions.

An interesting moral question came up about requiring high speed internet in order to take the Live Virtual Courses we offer with While outside the scope of the direct discussion we did ponder out loud the implications.


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