Designed Alliance with Lyssa Adkins

MARCH 07, 2021

Start out with a powerful question of our highest dream for this podcast series. Jeff and I have talked a little bit amongst ourselves about what we want to get out of the podcast and what we hope to give to our listeners of the podcast. It was fun to talk through it with Lyssa and see how she could align to it.

· Give back to a community that gave so much to her

· Doesn’t like to say no (podcasts are pretty light weight)

· Building her own brand

Lyssa opens up with a formula that we stepped through to help build deeper connections with people (Designed alliances)

· Ask the greatest hope or dream / worst nightmare of what you’re about to do.

· Then build the guardrails.

Talked a little bit about a recent encounter Jeff had with a director to rebuild trust in a working relationship

· Taking initiative / making the first move

· What I thought was building trust she positions as being authentic with each other to reveal the trust that is there

What we don’t understand about trust by Onora O’Neill

How do we want to be when it is difficult? Most people do not even think about this side. This will help set expectations with each other about what you need from them and what they need from you.

What would I need to do the job I have been asked to do to the best of my ability and what do I need to be fully authentic, so I do not have to spend any time managing the mask? We all only have so much time and energy every day and we must decide what the best use of those are. Is it worth it to spend that energy on a mask when it could be going towards producing something of value?

Pandemic by Lynn Ungar

Who do we choose to be? By Margaret Wheatley

Lyssa Adkins Website.