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EBM with Patricia Kong

DECEMBER 27, 2020

Patricia has been with for over 8 years and has helped lead the Evidence Based Management framework development and growth to help organizations answer the question what evidence do you have that you’re improving value delivery when you scale.

Link to the EBM Guide.

A quick overview of the 4 KVA (meant to be a wholistic view of value delivery)

  • Current Value – the current value of your organization and what it can produce.

  • Unrealized Value – Value that the market represents.

  • Ability 2 Innovate – How great we are at creating new cool stuff for our customers.

  • Time 2 Market – How great we are at getting stuff to our customers.

Goals: a focus on specific and measurable. Which is great cause I’ve always gravitated towards SM portion of SMART goals. Be thinking about the connection between your goals and the different KVAs. This can help drive the types of experiments that you want to run.

Shameless self plug for a more detailed video breakdown of Activity, Output, Outcome, and Impacts.

Link to Rachel Krause and the Knowledge Board.

A little back and forth about Leading and Lagging indicators. Is it worth it to try and break down everything to leading and lagging or is it just as valuable to align on Goals that can be measured against and get stuff done?

Status being the invisible third rail in Agile transformations. The human element of people wanting power and how that plays out when trying to create safe environments to fail and grow. How do you change a culture? This question seems to come up quite a bit.

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