Finding Patterns with Maarten Dalmijn

Start of discussing antipatterns with teams. The first one being the feature factory. Teams that are focused on forecasted vs. actual delivery rate. Maybe try switching from features to problems to solve. Or applying other frameworks, like North Star, to align on the goal / objective to make sure your deliverables are making progress against the goal.

Don’t be a Ditka reference

What does success look like for the features and products that you are delivering? What will you be celebrating when it’s done? That the feature shipped? That customers loved it? That revenue increased? Often times we skip the step of understating the value before we start building and these are questions we can use to discover that value.

We talk through Roadmaps and how they can tell you a lot about an organization. Are the outcomes defined so initiatives can be sequenced against. Are the dependencies defined so you know different areas (sales, legal, etc.) aren’t all going to be inundated with requests at the same time.

Quite a bit of conversation about what is essentially Refinement of work on your backlog. Different strategies for getting work Ready for the teams, identifying dependencies and understanding business requirements from different areas of your organization. Trying to uncover the unknown unknowns before they turn into a landmine.

The good ol’ PO / PM anti-pattern. Where the Product Manager is thinking more strategically, 1-3 years out and the Product Owner is more short term focused on delivery of items on a backlog. This often comes because we don’t trust the team to handle this type of work.