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Finding the Value Stream with Steve Pereira

Making the hidden visible. Data is helpful but we need to be aligned on what the goal is – clarity of outcome. Start with your customer and the desired outcome and look at the stream that is providing that outcome. This allows you to view the other streams that may be contributing and have a roll up view.

If you’re running an experiment make sure it’s attached to an outcome. Keep in my mind the difference between expected and realized value.

When something goes wrong the system was engineered to deliver that outcome.

While it can be valuable to create the value stream map it’s more about the facilitation. Bringing someone in periodically to bring in a fresh set of eyes but having the skillset / capability internally. Often, it’s shocking to see the difference between how people think the system behaves vs. how it actually behaves.

Ahhhh… the age old Value vs. Delivery focused discussion comes up again. We all seem to be on the same page here. Get good at your delivery in order to get good at figuring out what is valuable. In a complex domain, where there’s more unknown then there is known, the ability to quickly respond to change is the competitive advantage.

Don’t stick with a model that isn’t serving you.

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