First get a Million Dollars with Ty Crockett

JULY 26, 2020

After making a brief attempt at being a comic book artist Ty got into IT where he has been a Project Manager, Scrum Master and Enterprise coach. He is firmly on the Marvel side with Thor being his favorite comic.

Thoughts on why we struggle so much in the Agile community with diversity. Going back to the start in Snowbird that was a pretty homogenous group. Even with Improving (which is a great organization, so no disrespect intended!), they are trying to keep an eye on not just leadership excellence but also diversity and representation. Sharing a personal experience about heading to an IT conference in Minneapolis and being only 1 of 2 black people in attendance.

We talk a little bit about the patterns of inequality/opportunity that are present and what can be done to break out of them. In other words, turn vicious cycles into virtuous ones. Ty’s own background was growing up in a very poor family on a farm. It was the sacrifice of his grandparents that helped break that cycle.

Transparency solves a lot of problems!

Prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child. Great thoughts about Anti-fragility that applies just as much to parenting as it does to great leadership. Perfect for the mindset of a Scrum Master.

Facilitation is a superpower. Jeff (B) brings up more real-life implementation of Liberating Structures to help teenagers learn.

How do you get started as a Scrum Master? Well first, you get a million bucks! It is a tricky question for sure! Organizations only want to hire you if you have experience but if you cannot get experience how do you get in the door? Maybe a certificate? There is not a right or wrong choice. Do not underestimate coming in fresh with no bad habits. Understand why to solve your own problems in the future.

No 2 day Scrum Master course or certification will make you the Master of Scrum. Mastery is 10 years or 10,000 hours at something. This is a journey and the class is just meant to open your eyes to it.

“In the real world.” It’s nails on a chalkboard to trainers. This is the real world. Don’t confuse your inability to do something with whether or not it can be done.

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