Flight levels with Cliff Hazell

Cliff Hazell is a former Agile chapter lead at Spotify (you might have heard of that Spotify Model once or twice) and is one of the founders of Flight levels Academy. We jump right in with explaining what Flight levels are and why to apply them to organizations. Thinking both vertically, connecting strategy to the teams as well as horizontally.

Hey, this sounds like SAFe… why would I use Flight levels? Maybe first thinking about how you can connect all the different areas of your organization together that aren’t doing SAFe and have no need or desire to. The second is fighting the urge to change all the things when maybe only one or two things are actually what is necessary. Small batch with experimentation.

Goals generally and examples of common goals. Often it’s the act of thinking through your goals that is helpful. Even with just one person there are often numerous goals that come into conflict with one another. Efficiency, Effectiveness and Predictability.

You need an output to have an outcome.

Brought up Giff Constable and the Truth Curve. We talk about a few examples of how we did some User Research early on that saved tremendous amounts of time and costs, the learnings from this, and other ways that we were able to validate early in our product development to rapidly flush out risk.

Many of us work in a space where we’re just given what to build instead of given a problem to solve.

Jeff talks about Vicanti’s talk on Don’t be a Ditka. A Great talk – go watch it.

If you want to decentralize decision making then you also need to decentralize the information needed to make this decisions. This will probably force you to start thinking about what information is needed and currently lacking for those other individuals.