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Going beyond standards with Dave Dame

We start the conversation with some of the topics we talked about last time Dave was on. The complexity and unknown as the pandemic was hitting us. Facing so much uncertainty and the parallels to working in a complex domain. What were some of those key things that were needed? How about trust in organizations. Another? More flexibility and autonomy in how you structure your day.

Dave talks about the affects of growing up with Cerebral Palsy. It was never the disability that held him back but the environment that wouldn’t allow him to advance his potential. He was the first one to break the glass ceiling, being an executive with a disability in Canada. Shifting his mindset from ‘What do I want to be when I grow up’ to ‘How do I want to leave this world better’? Ultimately, he chose to help others have a full life like he has.

We’re all going to be disabled some day, some of us just beat you to it.

Discussion about designing with people with disabilities vs. for people with disabilities. Examples like closed captioning. A feature what was designed for one demographic that provides value to others. Bringing in the cognitive diversity of people with disabilities directly into the team. Going beyond standards to create great outcomes.

The future of work, all on site, all remote, or hybrid. Organizations are still trying to figure this out and the growing pains of being in the middle area.

A little bit about Dave’s personal health journey over the past year. His challenge of doing the Terry Fox walk. He’s set an impossible goal of $300,000 in donations. You can contribute by clicking here.

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