Great Game of Business with Bo Burlingham

MARCH 21, 2021

Starting out tracing the steps through his writing career. Beginning with a self-described communist (lower case C). Through his time at various publications he started to get a better understanding for business which changed his perception. A time when Entrepreneurship was frowned on – which I didn’t even know was a thing!

Entrepreneurs often being born out of frustration. Some people just can’t work for other people. People willing to try new things with their business.

Why I hate being the boss article. Which turned into the Great Game of Business that was about a company trying to do things differently. This then lead to Open Book Management. More than just being open with the financials. Why are you wasting all these brains? Establishing high levels of trust and respect.

Life After PI.

Good exits always contained the owner finding someone else to serve. The great companies and leaders fill everyone with Purpose. Its much bigger then them.

Small Giants Community

Tugboat Institute