High Performance Daria Bagina

Daria is the thought leader behind ScrumMastered.com where she has a ton of content free and available for everyone.

How does Daria articulate High Performance with teams. This comes back to having the right metrics of success in place. Is it time and outputs or is it innovation and value delivery?

We start talking about archetypes in teams. Covering video game, sports, and software teams.

Flexibility – do the job even if it isn’t your specialty and being able to adapt.

Communication – being able to get the right information and adapt accordingly. Include

being able to overcome conflict.

Clarity on Goals – what are we trying to achieve and how do we measure progress.

A deep dive into failure. A failure doesn’t make you a failure. The first step is to simply admit that there was a failure. Unless we admit that there isn’t a learning opportunity.