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Making Healthcare Better with Andrew Tessier

DECEMBER 13, 2020

Andrew is helping companies apply the technologies of Microsoft (like AI & Cloud) to help Healthcare companies improve on how they deliver care. Basically, he acts as a dedicated CTO representing Microsoft. Lots of interesting stuff regarding AI & Cloud technologies that Microsoft is helping bring to market to help the Healthcare space.

We talked about how he approaches Agility conversations with clients. Not really worrying about the language but focusing on the concepts to help get things done. Applying basic methods of Agility to situations. Moving from small steps like setting up a Kanban board to track work movement to bigger steps like integrating with Azure DevOps.

Starting back 2002 Andrew started developing products using Agility. One of the things he found was the people that are applying the methods to do the work are much more satisfied, much more productive, if they practice them with the goal of getting better. So, things have remained the same for the people doing the work and easier to convince leaders of the change. Things have gotten easier, but it is not easy.

Some of the traits for leadership. The ability to genuinely listen to others. Not listening and waiting for your chance to talk but listening to understand. Listen attentively and with empathy. Humbleness in action (humility) – grounding yourself in the day-to-day goals of your customer whom you are there to serve. Coaching and advising vs. telling and commanding. Aligning on goals to make sure everyone is going in the same direction. Clearly define what success looks like. Finally, being an advocate for people.

Little bit of shop talk about the Army and how end states are defined from leaders and the autonomy to execute is given to subordinate units. If you’re interested, here’s the 5 paragraph operation order (OPORD).

Try, learn, get better. Start pursuing Agility relentlessly and celebrate when you fail.

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