Metrics in Business with Robb Pieper

After a little intro we start talking about the changes to training in a virtual environment. Seems like everyone has gotten used to it. Technology is no longer an issue but bigger companies still tend to struggle.

Robb talks about the journey of moving from a consulting company to adding a product to their offering. He steps through the approach of collecting data and helping understand the problems that the tool should be solving. Eventually finding additional customers / users to bring into the product to continue understanding the problems that they are encountering.

We talk through an example with metrics and using them to ask curious questions and seek connections. A change in metrics in one area of the business may have affects in a completely different area and until you are able to review them that connection may go unnoticed. Sometimes it’s pretty to look at and sometimes it can provide critical business information.

Robb talks a bit about the Agile B-Sides and the learnings of putting those out. It’s all about the topics and less about the quality.

Sprint Goals! Why is it that people don’t seem to care about them? There are so many benefits – alignment, self management, common goals, understanding the purpose, etc. Jeff throws out that you can still be seen as effective at delivery without it so long as your creating the Increment every Sprint. However, you’re still going to likely struggle in other areas without it.

How about Story Points? This is supposed to be about the conversation and not the number itself. Let’s have a conversation about the work to help understand it better which we hope provides a better estimate.