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Modern Management Made Easy with Johanna Rothman

FEBRUARY 07, 2021

Kick things off by talking about how the modern management made easy trilogy came about. Initially was 18 blog articles on Leading yourself, individuals, and orgs.

Where the Manager role is going in the future. The coach, the mentor, the shepherd but not the manager. A separation between the “title” and the role. Management should be lead from inside the team. Assisted by creating a job growth mechanism that doesn’t require going up to be financially rewarded.

That Drucker guy comes up again. Johanna talked about the harmonic whole. Where teams are able to chip product together and innovate. When that leave the organization it begins to die.

We spend a little chunk of time bashing “the plan”. Regardless of how it’s generated there is usually a proportional buy in to how long you’ve spent creating it. The more time you invest in creating the plan the harder it is to give it up – even when it’s wrong!

Interesting contrast between Happiness and Satisfaction in the workplace. Happiness being more of an output from being satisfied with the work and the environment.

Common thread from previous conversations about outcomes over outputs which was a common theme in Johanna’s books.

A great conversation about ROI and prediction with certainty. There is a lot of assumptions that seem to magically lose when putting numbers into a spreadsheet and pretend like we have complete certainty about the future.

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