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#NoEstimates with Vasco Duarte

APRIL 26, 2020

Vasco Duarte is the host of The Scrum Master Toolbox which is the worlds biggest topic of Scrum Master topics. We jump right into it with Vasco's thoughts on the current state of the Product Owner in organizations. The Product Owner Role as a beuricratic nightmare. #NoBacklogs Does the Product Backlog detract from the opportunity for success of a product. Instead he defines an audience with a set of problems. This is a facilitator role. Role is to make an impact and not to simply follow a process.

Should SAFe be considered Agile? There's certainly good debate on the topic. Created by the same people behind Rational Unified Process (RUP).

Have very clear goals. Not what you want to 'Do' but what you want to 'Achieve'.

Two things Vasco demands be in place to get started:

  • Have 1 goal measured in business outcomes.

  • 1 team.

#NoEstimates is about not needing estimates and relies on two things. It's about learning what works and what doesn't work. Estimation is not necessary therefore we do planning in different ways and we do it continuously. #NoEstimates is about continuous decision making because that is what ensures product success.

If you stop feeling pride in the work something is off.

We have a responsibility to our fellow human beings to improve the industry.

Taking responsibility is about not allowing anymore the concept of working in big bang upfront waterfall. It's about being responsive to the customer more than anything.

  • Is my customer buying my product?

  • Are they returning for the services we offer?

  • Are they giving us good reviews?

  • Are they recommending the products to others?

Twitter: @duarte_vasco

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