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People who look like me with Scott Adams

Start out with the road that Scott took to get introduced to Agile, joining the Professional Training community which lead him to YearUp. The YearUp mission is to bridge the educational and skills divide that exists for minorities in the community.

Revisiting incentives that exist. Fact: Money is an incentive. It doesn’t make it slimy or evil. Except it and use that to your advantage.

How to continue building your skills after the course. Not just for the YearUp students but anyone who wants to continue to build and utilize newly gained skills. Just like riding a bike those skills are perishable if they aren’t used.

Think about conveying ideas in stories or analogies. Think about your audience and speak in terms that they understand and remember that everyone has different experiences that they bring to the conversation.

Another topic that Scott is passionate about is Diversity and Inclusion. In particular, the inclusion part. It’s easy to invite people but it’s something completely else to make sure they are engaged and part of the conversation.

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