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Product Focus with Julee Everett

OCTOBER 06, 2019

Julee Everett is a Professional Scrum Trainer with and one the Lean In Agile 100.

Here is the information Julee referenced from Teresa Torres and her Opportunity Solution Tree.

Product Owners being undeserved in the community. There is a ton of work that goes in to being a strategic product manager.

“Autonomy without alignment is still waste”

Is Agile Dead? Julee says it is. It's now just baked into business DNA. This is all about solving a problem for the user.

We mentioned our episode with Jonathan Yankvich. Did you miss that episode? Here's the link!

Do we really care about the terms that we use. So long as we focus on empiricism (TIA) and focusing on customers, do we care?

Speed of Trust and building a culture of trust when you deliver results

AgileCamp ProductCamp (GolfCoast)

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