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Product Manager vs. Product Owner with Julee Everett

We just right in with a fun topic - What’s the difference between a Product Owner and a Product Manager? The Product Owner is simply the name of the Accountability in Scrum for the person who manages the Product direction. So if you took away Scrum you would have a Product Manager.

So comparing a Product Owner to a Product Manager you’ll likely see that planning is more incremental, feedback loops are shorter, and there is a closer connection with the day to day.

Expand on the career growth of a Scrum Master. Having someone in the organization who looks wholistically at delivery management across teams. Maybe something like an RTE in SAFe. Who is focusing on value? Who is focusing on delivery? Who is focusing on feedback loops?

A concept of separating out Entrepreneurship from Professorship. Entrepreneurship being accountable for the outcome. Professorship is the coaching and growing of people. – People Focused and Output Focused.

Organization design isn’t something you set and forget. How about team self selection. The team picking the people that they work with on the product. How about people getting to pick their coaches / managers?

Slow delivery slow learning!

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