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Product Ownership with Roman Pichler

MARCH 07, 2021

We jump right into a discussion about Product Roadmaps. Very often a roadmap is nothing more than a list of features which starts to compete with the Product Backlog. It should be a mid-term plan with a little more stability. A good way to lay this out is a Goal Oriented roadmap that helps tell more of a narrative about why we are doing this work.

Think about your roadmap as the project journey.

Think about what you are doing to validate your strategy. Light weight experimentation, user research, mockups can be helpful to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

Maybe using something like a Compound Product Goals on a product roadmap where you can capture the business value and the user benefits. If you are not able to quantify some of the expected outcomes then that might be a good indicator that you haven’t done enough discovery work up front.

Identify your risks and iterate over them. A cross functional team can be useful here for flushing out the unknown risk from different perspectives from development to market.

Full stack ownership. Owning the strategic and the tactical.

Some key skills that Roman thinks are useful for Product Owners:

· Building trust in others

· Building empathy

· Active listening

· Collaborative decision making

· Dealing with conflict

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