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Product Strategy with Roman Geyzer

OCTOBER 20, 2019

Roman Geyzer is the Director of Product Strategy at Northwestern Mutual.

"We didn't have lighbulbs then, we didn't have lightbulb moments"

Dealing with legacy debt, cleaning up the decisions that were made in the past that you are still enduring today.

Life insurance products stay with a customer until they pass away. So the technology that supports that product has to stay as well.

What does that next generation of financial advice look like? Researching the difference in how younger generations are interacting with investment products.

Move quickly and iterate. Leverage leadership to knock out silos in the organization. Pay off the tech debt that allows your teams to achieve Agility.

Aligning teams around journeys or experiences at different levels in the funnel.

Learning organization - lead by example. Leadership being open to fail. You're going to make mistakes, reflect on it, iterate, get better, and keep doing it.

"If you've made a mistake and no one knows about it that's a shame. Cause now you've prevented them from being able to learn from that."

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