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Professional Scrum Foundations with Rich Visotcky

JANUARY 12, 2020

We kick things off with the difference between the Professional Scrum Foundations course and other offerings in the market. Comparing it to other courses as well as Scrum Alliance as well as a little bit of the history of the course.

Learn Scrum by Doing Scrum.

Learning Pathways... what's that? It's's new continued learning area.

Professional Scrum Foundations is a Foundations class, not a beginners class. It dives just as deep into Scrum as the other courses but is geared towards getting entire teams up and running. Building a solid foundation for teams that should have them come away a little shaken. It gets 3 - 4 feedback loops within a single 2 day course on using Scrum..

You've heard it before, but feedback is a gift. Treat it as such. It may hurt to hear it but it's just as likely that it is something you need to hear.

What do you do coming out of immersion training for a few days:

  • More coaching with the Scrum Master

  • Establish the Vision for the product and communicate it out

  • Backlog Management

  • Refinement Session

  • Generate Ideas

  • Working Agreement

  • When to do things

  • How to navigate conflict

  • Generate Personas (does this change how we look at things now that we understand our customers) Create a Definition of "Done"

  • Is this an opportunity to have a team self selection activity?

Start with smaller sprints to decrease the time to feedback (shorten the feedback loop)!

Believable but bad Scrum? It's when it looks good on the surface but when you take a little deeper look you uncover a lot of dysfunction. In this case we talked about the Sprint burndown graph and how that can be hiding mini waterfall behind the scenes.

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