with Colleen Johnson

We kick things off with the story of how Colleen and her husband created ScatterSpoke and how having a unicorn product at the beginning of the pandemic quickly found the space saturated with other offerings. Ultimately this caused them to pivot their offering to get more market differentiators out there as they uncovered more unmet needs with customers. Using data that was being generated and ultimately engaging with customers helped here.

There ain’t no retrospectives in Kanban… or is there? It’s about using the data about how your team is performing to make small improvements. Continuous improvement and making better decisions. – what is it? At its core it is a community. Welcome disagreement but do it in a respectful way. It doesn’t have to be those Scrum vs. Kanban conversations, if the practices are helping you then keep them.

The two courses currently offered by ProKanban

· Applying Professional Kanban

· Applying Metrics for Predictability

Getting data in front of a team can help them understand the impacts of the decisions they are making.

We dive into a bit on thin slicing. A little bit around techniques as well as using data to uncover dependencies. This ties back into our flow metrics. Where do you see piles? We don’t want piles and it’s a great opportunity to ask some questions.

Backlogs vs. Roadmaps. Thinking about these things as different artifacts and treated differently. When you’re looking at roadmaps these are larger chunks and you should have optionality here. Also, don’t forget about flow even here!