Psychological Safety with Sander Dur

After some pleasantries we jump into the topic of psychological safety in the workplace. How important this can be for teams and organizations to enable a level of comfort for real conflict to emerge. Here in the Midwest sometimes we struggle with giving feedback to each other. Thoughts about enabling the ability to bring your whole self to work.

Focus on problems and not individuals.

COIN Feedback model

  • Context

  • Observation

  • Impacts

  • Next steps

Leading by example. Discussing how things are going to be when there is conflict. Structure follows culture – examples of some structures that we’ve seen companies employ in order to facilitate openness and transparency.

We jump into values and how different teams and organizations that use them. All to often they are meaningless posters set up on a wall, or a conversation in onboarding, and rarely else. Tying back to structures, if we don’t build the systems to highlight and reinforce the values we should expect them to erode over time.

Bring your whole self to work. It means you’re the same person at home that you are at work. It shouldn’t feel like you’re meeting a whole new person when you engage outside of work. From a business perspective is it valuable to have your employees waste their thinking capitol trying to be a different person at work when they could be applying that towards your business goals?