Refactoring Agile Leadership

DECEMBER 15, 2019

Hearing vs. Listening. I switched them around in the recording but what I meant to say was that while I was hearing Jeff talking I wasn't doing proper justice to what he was saying. I had already thrown up some mental defenses to deflect what he was trying to say.

Just like in code you make the best decision at the time but sometimes you learn more later and decide to go back and clean stuff up. So this is us refactoring the conversation on Managers and Leaders.

Examples of companies experimenting: Nucore (Steal) WLGore (Goretex) Morning Star (tomato producer) Valve GE Jet Engines in North Carolina 1 plant manager and 300 direct reports

Manager Tools Podcast - one of the best manager podcast

  • Coaching

  • Feedback

  • 1 on 1

  • Delegation

Boundaries? How about Hiring and Firing? Team Performance? Team Formation/Composition? Team Health/Culture?

Self Organization vs. Self Management. Self Organization means no one tells you how to do the work.

The spine Model.

Maturity and Mastery scale to help understand the amount of autonomy to give. Give the gift of feedback.

Google's manager tools and information on Re:Work

  • Goal

  • Reality

  • Options

  • Will

Talk a bit about managing someone who has a skill set that you really don't have. How would that be different?

Take a look at Project Oxygen.