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Scrum Grenades with Don McGreal

NOVEMBER 18, 2019

“If you could take your life savings and invest in the product that you are a Product Owner for would you do it thinking you'd get a return?”

Don McGreal is one of the course stewards for the Professional Scrum Product Owner Course, co-author of the Professional Scrum Product Owner book, and VP of Learning Solutions at Improving. Additional show notes at

Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Vision, Value, Validation and where these concepts come from (keep them all V's for memory) and how the collaboration to create the original Professional Scrum Product Owner course came about.

We talk through the new PSPO-A course (we keep calling in the PSPO-II course in the recording)

Think about the Product Backlog as the menu at your local restaurant. Who does each item provide value to? Should technical debt be on the backlog? How does that affect Transparency if stuff like this isn't represented?

If you get yourself deep into credit card debt what is the first thing you do? Chop up the credit card! So what's the equivalent in Scrum?

Should we commit to the Sprint goal? Commitment is one of our Values. We used to commit to scoring a certain number of points vs. now we commit to winning. But if we lose, that doesn't mean we broke out commitment. We commit to trying our best, acting ethically, and doing the right thing based on the knowledge at the time. How about bigger Sprint goals? Goals that last more than 1 Sprint? What if you named your Sprints after the Goals that you are trying to achieve. Welcome to the "Search for Product" Sprint.

A bit on the levels of Product Ownership. Scribe to Proxy being on the receiving end, not initiating anything. Then to Business Representative and Sponsor. Hopefully this is the person that was involved in the business case. Lastly to have an Entrepreneur mindset.

Have you thought about the lives your improving lately? What do you think the effect on bringing the team into that discussion would be?

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