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Scrum Guide Updates with Chad Beier

NOVEMBER 29, 2020

Chad kicks things off with his latest parody song based on Bob Dylon’s The Times are a Changing. A great change anthem to introduce the latest version of the Scrum Guide.

Some things to keep in mind. Scrum is still Scrum. The concepts have not changed. There is a lot less there than the previous guide. Lots of the prescriptiveness is gone. This makes it more lightweight and applicable outside of software.

Roles vs. Accountabilities. has a great write up on their thoughts. We talked about the focus really being directed at the entire Scrum Team vs. individual roles. The entire Scrum Team works together and there are specific accountabilities that need to happen. This led us to the conversation of Responsibility vs. Accountability and the subtlety of words.

We picked on this line quite a bit: The Scrum Master is accountable for the Scrum Team’s effectiveness. There were some pros and cons that we discussed. Is it really something a single person can really control? What does it even mean to be effective as a Scrum Team?

The Product Goal with a focus on outcomes over Outputs. Continued focus on the value that you are delivering to customers. The difference between a Vision for your product and a Goal for your product. Think about a thematic backlog. It is not a requirement that everything on your Product Backlog must be targeted at your Product goal, just like there can be things in your Sprint Backlog that do not directly influence your Sprint Goal.

Our new commitments: Definition of Done, Sprint Goal and Product Goal. There is always a good discussion about the word commitment. What it means and what it does not mean. To give more context key in on this sentence: enhances transparency and focus against which progress can be measured.

Self-Organization vs. Self-Managed. The Scrum Team figures out Who, what and how they will do they work. Has anything really changed here? Does it make it clearer about what empowerment is for the Scrum Team?

The last section we dove into a bit was the reference to Lean thinking. There is a lot of common ideas between Lean and Scrum just using different language. Just eliminate waste and focus on the essentials.

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