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Show me the Data with Troy Magennis

Numerous times in this conversation we reference Troy’s “What’s the story about Agile Data” we cannot recommend enough that you go and watch it.

We kick things off talking about The Math on Flow – a new free course that Troy put together to try and teach the underpinnings of what we talk about in Agile. Then dive deeper into understanding why we should even give a damn about flow. Making the best bets at the moment with the constraints that we have.

Decision making will always be imperfect and the best tool in the toolbox to deal with that is having a diverse set of individuals agree on something. Thinking about the biases that are inherent in our local decision making process.

Bubolz hits on a lot of thinking in bets. The smaller and quicker you can make the bets the quicker you’ll learn which will pay off. Just keep in mind you never want to make an extinction level bet that can wipe you out.

We trade Innovation for Predictability. So how do we talk to organizations about this? Help identify what the indicators are that we are moving to far in one direction or the other. Once again the concept of balanced metrics comes into the conversation.

Revisiting the Throughput & Counts vs. Story Point conversation. The major issue teams make is thinking the size of the code to be written is the largest impact on how long something is going to take. It’s often the delays that are unrelated to the work item itself which are the paper cuts in our industry. The safe bet is to start with Throughput and Counts. If you want to be a bit more accurate at the team level go with Velocity & Story Points.

The momentum of Metrics in Agile. In particular – the drum beat of outcomes over outputs. Troy’s Keynote (which if you haven’t seen you should go watch immediately) was one of the first places we really saw that message being put out and how the industry has changed over the past few years. The lagging indicator of what the major consulting companies are selling and by extension what major companies are starting to buy.

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