Sneak up on the answer with Jon Kern

MARCH 07, 2021

Picking up where we left off talking about the Agile Mindset. Think about it as People, Process and Tools – in that order! Understand the mindset of the recipient and where they are at on their own learning journey.

Favor feedback over analysis. Give the space to run an experiment to enable hands on learning. Favor action over inaction. Having that bias towards action enables more learning. Also having a coach / trainer there to help have guided learning to limit the blast radius is helpful.

Understanding your tradeoffs. Are you introducing fragility into your system by only putting your best on brightest on the big problems without thinking about the long term sustainability and growth of teams and organizations? Explain the tradeoffs and the consequences.

Small batch delivery! It is a lot easier to be able to switch onto something new when the tasks are small. It is also an expensive way to test a hypothesis when it takes 3-6 months to see the result. Find the cheapest way to validate your hypothesis – and building it is not the right way. Sneak up on the answer.

TDD and BDD are a pattern. Once you start to utilize them it becomes very quick and easy. The reality is that it will speed you up – and it will really speed up your future self! Deliver your code tested.

The triple whammy

· You built the wrong thing

· You’ll never get the time back

· And you have to go build it again

Revisit the 8 forms of waste.