Spikes and Diversity with Jim Sammons

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Are Spikes worth doing? Are they are garbage practice? Here’s some of the requirements we came up with to make the most out our the complementary practice of Spikes:

  1. Time boxed

  2. Learning & or a Defined output (what does success look like?)

  3. Acceptance Criteria

Caveat: Beware of the spike really just becoming an excuse for the team's lack of proper refinement.

A Coaching stance can be incredibly powerful and also very draining on the other person. Be sure to recognize the right time and place for it. Don't coach the person who isn't there -> focus on the person who is asking not the outsider.

The Business Round Table update about customer value

Have you been institutionalized?

Touch on Diveristy in the workplace. What is it we are after when thinking about diversity with our teams. Never seen the diversity Iceburg? Here is a google search for lots of different images that help visualize what we’re talking about.

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