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Startup Life with Erik Weber

NOVEMBER 03, 2019

Erik Weber is a Professional Scrum Trainer with and a Managing Partner with HealthChampion.

How to hire with the mindset of a startup and thoughts on what draws people to the startup culture.

Some of the value of a Scrum Master from the perspective of the Product Owner.

Scrum in the real world. Solving problems that are new and unique to the product. How setting the vision and allowing the flexibility for the team to figure out the best solution via experimentation. Erik gives a glimpse of a story of Scrum with oil companies.

How to get early feedback on a product (closing the feedback loop). How about Guirilla UX? Walking around down town and ask people to use the app to get real user feedback.

Only having a larger Sprint review every 2 weeks when the team is operating on 1 week Sprints. Sounds like heresy!! A team doing dozens of production deploys a week with a mature Definition of "Done".

It's a common understanding now that Dev & UX need to be tightly coupled in the Development team, unfortunately, that isn't the understanding with UX. This is where the Professional Scrum with User Experience course steps in.

Thinking about what success looks like at the beginning and what the metrics that we want to affect. Then come up with the experiments to run that we believe will make that happen.

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Erik will also be speaking as part of Startup Milwaukee Week:

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