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Stories of Organizational Agility with Maneesh Subherwal

OCTOBER 04, 2020

Maneesh jumps right in what he articulates as the 5 tenants of Agile Organization

  1. The Backbone of the Organization – Essentially the why. What is the goal? Where do expect to be at the end? How are things going to be different?

  2. Empowered Teams – Not just Scrum teams. Any team should be empowered to act on their own.

  3. Feedback Loops – Do you have the systems in place to Inspect & Adapt?

  4. Passionate Dynamic People – Individuals that feel empowered and connected with the outcomes.

  5. Radical Transparency – Visibility. Not for politics but to drive everyone forward.

Telling the story of change at Allied Irish Bank.

Opportunities and Threats that really precipitate change in organizations. Often companies are making up their own perceived threats so when the real ones come everyone is already burnt out. Sometimes the backbone can be unhealthy. Politics, re-enforcing agendas, etc.

IoT and Herding Cows – Silent Herdsman.

How about an Agile Transformation in farming? From just a few farms to hundreds of farms now leveraging Agile tenants.

Leadership is still necessary! It is not just a checkbox exercise. How do you get their buy in? Try starting with establishing the backbone. Have them write a memo, what does this look like 3 – 5 years from now. Take me on the journey with you. How would you start measuring progress towards that? What would the goals need to be to get you there? Start with the end in mind. Maybe give the Amazon Press Release trick a try.

A lot of talk about empowerment and what that means to us. Jeff (M) talked about current examples with understanding empowerment and working with others in the grey area between jobs & roles. Pros and cons of different approaches.

Talked tactically about using Delegation Poker to help establish boundaries. If you have never seen or used it before it is a powerful tool from Management 3.0.

Org Agility Manifesto – learning by doing

  • Favor flexible and self-selected over specialized and assigned

  • Favor real teams over loosely aligned group of individuals

  • Favor transparent and rapid information flow over protected and slow

  • Favor decisions over the few

Favor deliberate action over discouraging and avoid

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