Super Powers of Product Ownership

JUNE 02, 2019

Thanks to the Milwaukee Product Brew meetup for recording our last presentation on the Super Power of Product Ownership.

Here is the link to the Focused Objective website that has lots of great data analytics tools. Here is a link directly to the throughput forecasting tool we talk about in the presentation (Monte Carlo simulation). Additional details on how to use the tool can be found inside the XLS sheet as well as on the site.

Troy Magennis gave an awesome keynote at Agile Alliance last year where we got some of the information we shared in our presentation. We would highly recommend watching it.

The second half of the presentation, which centers around understanding and measuring value, talks about the Minimum Viable Product which comes from Lean Startup by Eric Ries. It’s a great read and helps build the entrepreneurial mindset that all Product Owners should be looking to cultivate with themselves and their teams.

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