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Surviving Zombie Scrum with The Liberators

We jump right in starting to talk about Barry & Christiaan’s new book the Zombie Scrum Survival Guide. Influenced by Fixing your Scrum they wanted to write something tactical and tangible. Something you could put into practice right away. Think about it as recipes to experiment with to get certain outcomes. Guidance vs. solutions.

What is Zombie Scrum? Something that looks like Scrum from a distance but at the end there is no working software, no collaboration, and no one seems to be bothered to improve anything about it.

A learning from writing the book was single loop vs. double loop learning. Not just what did we learn but what did we learn about learning. Look for the solution outside the system by challenging existing systems, beliefs, and behaviors.

Interested in taking a diagnostic of your Scrum? Over 5,000 teams and growing!

Part of an Academic paper A Theory of Scrum Team Effectiveness. The findings showed that you can accurately predict a Scrum Team’s effectiveness from 5 variables:

  • Can teams release frequently?

  • Do they work closely with stakeholders?

  • Are they able to improve their process?

  • Do they have a high degree of autonomy?

  • How much management support do they have?

Check here for more details:

Think about measuring team moral vs. team happiness. Moral and satisfaction are more closely tied to purpose.

In the show notes we intend to reference the below links. Should we add any others?

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