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The Future of Work with Robin Zander

Robin Zander is a perpetual founder, creator of Zander Media and

We jump in and Zander helps set the stage with where he’s come from, his history, and what drives him. All with a common point of creating great places to work (sound familiar?).

Movement away from Hierarchy towards distributed ways of working. Away from top down control and towards people enacting change. Away from privacy and more towards transparency.

Building a great culture. How do you make such a big change to a culture or structure when you’re in the middle? You can’t. Or maybe there are areas of influence that you start to initiate change. How can you give away your power? Flip the power structure on its head. Maybe approach it as an org within an org.

The future of work? How does the rate of change play into it? The ability to respond to change. Not just systems but teams, skills, etc. Change is only going to accelerate.

Is a business a Family or a Sports Team? For Zander it’s a sports team that he hopes to be playing with for a really long time. He is a leader in service of his team and employees. The future of work really is whatever the organization wants to make it.

So how about incentive structures that are out there in particular the difference between public vs. private companies. Probably a little bit beyond his pay grade but Zander certainly recognizes the tension of those incentives and how they affect decision making.

Can you really be a responsive organization without continuous learning? No. Hard no. Growing as an individual is how the organization grows. An organization is just a collection of individuals.

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