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The Right Conversation with Drunk Agile

No need for introductions here. We jump right into the topic of Story Points when thinking about scope and sizing. Essentially, don’t bother estimating, only ask if it is right sized. The concern is all the other baggage that comes with story points. When we say “better”, we are thinking about right sizing in terms of an SLE (Service Level Expectations) because:

  1. It’s hopefully grounded in data within our system

  2. Based on the expectation of what a customer will see when projected to a date

More on the Definition of Ready. To be clear, it is not a part of the Scrum framework. However, it is a tool that we have used very successfully with teams. We introduce a way we’ve incorporated it with a team in the past to get more thoughts on it. When and How you start something is the bigger contributor to predictability.

Fun conversation around ordering work. Where do most organizations fall on a spectrum of Just In Time planning and development vs long term planning and forecasting? What are the trade offs to consider when building the backlog? Is there a way to minimize planning overall and do more review instead?

As quickly as possible find out how wrong you are.

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