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The Right Equation with Bradley Clerkin

FEBRUARY 09, 2020

We jump right in with Efficient vs. Effective solutions

Here’s the actual video that Bradley is talking about on YouTube: 5 Wet Monkeys Jeff Bridges video. We talked about a similar one from the science experiment back when we talked with Pawel.

If this software can be someone else's front office it shouldn't be in your back office.

In other words, I shouldn't build it. Think about Core vs. Context (see The Unicorn Project)

Efficiency is not the governing equation. It's time to market. Are you effective at delivering something at the desired speed, not are you efficient enough to justify ROI and long term things like that.

Think about Unit cost and Return on Investment on one side and Time to Market and Time to Value on the other.

Here’s the Command and Control book Bradley was talking about.

Slowly introduce leaders to an org structure that isn't IT and Business and instead product aligned.

Teresa Torres Opportunity Tree: What would it look like if you had this thing? Why would it be such a great thing? Is there an easy way to explain what it is we do around here?

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