The unFIX Model with Jurgen Appelo

After a quick whirlwind introduction we jump right into the unfix model – not a framework – more of a pattern library. Think of the analogy of a lego. You have a box full of different legos that you can customize, mix and match depending on the problem you are encountering.

SAFe has a net promoter score of -56

A great story about the difference between a product and a customer experience. A good reminder to think about the journey and experience of your customer when they interact with your product. Often we have people that simply focus on the product which can lead to an annoying customer experience when the customer falls through the cracks created between products. The point of the product is to deliver a great experience.

Where to get started with Unfix? Well it depends on where you are or the problem you’re running into. The model is meant to not be prescriptive. An example of this is managers. They are there for governance – managers manage the system, not the people.