Total Brain Coaching with Ted & Keith Wallace

MARCH 07, 2021

Is this stuff just fluffy hippie agile coaching? Well let’s rub a little science on it and find out. Let’s start with first knowing yourself before you try to change others. The same idea applies with coaching. We explore one of the ways to understand yourself that comes from Ayurveda which is a natural system of medicine which originated in India more than 3000 years ago.

Changing a group or changing an individual is ultimately about changing habits.

Jeff M threw out a bunch of great reads recently on similar topics.

An interesting conversation about nature vs. nurture. How much of this is predetermined vs how much do we have control over. There is quite a bit that we can do that contributes to how we behave. Lifestyle and habits influence your life. One of the key things to find is balance.

The idea of neuroplasticity and how it builds new pathways in your brain. It’s easier to create a new habit vs. changing one that already exists. A few different levels to think about is self, with a coach, with a team, but the most important is the environment.

Diving into the idea of Resiliency – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. We don’t realize the affects of stress on the body. When we keep stressing the mind and not allowing it to recover has long term detrimental affects.

Super Habits – like waking up in the morning and saying it’s going to be a great day. Meditation is a big one. The most powerful result of meditating twice a day is resiliency. It literally rewires the brain.

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