Value of Scrum with Fred Fowler

We start out with a discussion about what people get wrong about Agile and Scrum. This leads us to talk about delivering value and what we measure. Fred tells a story from Roman Pichler’s book about bringing a project to completion within the 2 year timeline that was originally outlined. While it might sound like a success unfortunately, they built the right product for 2 years ago and the market moved on during that time.

Things to think about measuring to increase value

· Increase Revenue

· Decrease Costs

· Risk Reduction

· Increase Opportunity

The power of the Increment in Scrum shows up again. By getting something out to a customer in 30 days of less you start to learn how you can leverage the above metrics. Empirically show that your product is heading in the right direction.

The only thing that is certain is something that has already happened. A great line that comes up while talking about forecasting and the illusion of certainty that exists. Think Probabilistically instead of Deterministically. Things change.

We talk about the myth of only being able to deliver an Increment at the end of a Sprint. The Scrum guide simply says you need to do so at least once per Sprint. However, the more frequently you can deliver the better!

Fred closes off with a tory that highlights the value of the Sprint review. Showing working product ready to go out to a customer that can illicit feedback and help steer towards greater value to our customers. Let your customers react to the great work you’ve done!