You're Doing it Wrong with Robb Pieper

SEPTEMBER 08, 2019

Robb Pieper is the CEO of Responsive Advisors and a Professional Scrum Trainer with

How important is the increment? Glad you asked! We talk about the entire point of Scrum being to create an increment. If your team isn’t doing that consistently then this is the first thing you should be fixing.

Some of the Scrum guide is very literal while others serve more to guide.

What’s it take to be the Scrum Master vs. the Scrum Novice? What do they do all day? How do Agile Coaches tie in to all this?

When in an organizations growth does policy replace trust? Where do the cultural norms come from?

Need some book recommendations? How about The Goal, The Phoenix Project, Lean UX, Crossing the Chasm.